Today is a celebration of life. To kick-off Baker's birthday celebration, I'm going to share the story of his birth. Baker was born on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 10:22 am. Five weeks early...

WARNING: This is not an "eloquent" story of my son's birth.

The night before his birth, Brian and I were having dinner at Barlett's with our friends, Kris and Carrie, to thank Kris for helping Brian lay the kitchen backsplash over the weekend and through Monday. I don't remember my entree that night, either the roasted chicken or hawaiian rib-eye, but I definitely remember having their brussel sprouts topped with turbinado sugar. Delish!

I woke up about 5:30 in the morning to pee and to change my undies. My underwear felt wet, which I thought was a little strange. After I put on a fresh pair of undies, I crawled back into bed.

At this point in the pregnancy, Brian was sleeping down the hall in the guest bedroom. It was either his third or fourth night there. I was snoring so loudly, that he could barely get a good night's rest. Bless his heart! He's not a morning person already and for weeks he would wake up cranky.

This setup worked out great, not only was I, "the old man is snoring," I was also hot as hell. For weeks, all I would wear to bed was Brian's soft oversized razorback t-shirt. With Brian's body heat, and the two dogs in bed with us, it was too much. Mind you, the ceiling fan was running on high and so was the tower fan.

Where was I? After laying in bed, I realized I had to pee again. This went on two or three more times. Each time, it was a trickle. It was hard to tell the source of the fluid. By the last time, I inspected the tissue I used to wipe myself with, and I noticed the tissue was clear. Something was not right.

I went to my phone by the bedside to google 'trickle in pregnant women.' As I was standing there, the trickle increased; something told me to grab a bath towel and place it underneath my feet. My friend Donna, had told me once, "It's this gush of water...swooosh...that comes out of you."

Sure enough, my water broke! Again, I was still unsure of what was happening to me, convinced there's no way I'm having this baby, it's too soon. I walked down the hall to the guest bedroom, and knocked on the door. I don't know why I knocked on the door. "Brian, wake up. I think my water broke," I said calmly. "What," exclaimed Brian. "My water broke, but I'm going to take a shower, then I'll call the hospital," I said. All I wanted to do at this point was take a hot shower.

I wasn't feeling anything; no pain, nothing. I took a shower, got dressed, blow-dried my hair, and then went downstairs to the kitchen where Brian was waiting for me. I called the hospital, they told me to come on in for an evaluation but that my doctor wasn't there. I packed my duffle bag "just in case."

It was a little after 7:00 am when we arrived to the hospital. We went to my doctor's office first. As I'm waiting for the nurse practitioner in the exam room; I'm texting my co-worker about an important conference call and asking her to fill-in for me. Then, I texted my boss, telling him, it might be a false alarm. Still uncertain. There's no way, I'm having this baby!

The nurse practitioner comes into the exam room, takes my blood pressure and it was 180/115, and does another reading; surprised that just a few days ago it was normal at 120/80. Then she examines me, runs a nitrazine test or a fern test. Minutes later, she looks at us and says with a big smile, "You guys are having a baby." Brian and I, look at each other...WTF. Then, she said, "And the good news, is that the 'Big Guy' (aka Dr. Chris Seeker) is here and he'll be delivering your baby."

Next thing I know, I'm sitting in a wheelchair going upstairs to begin the delivery process. We had already decided to do a scheduled c-section. We're carted off to another exam room. There I am laying down with Brian in the chair next to me, when the check-in nurse comes in.

This lady was intense! She had so much energy, talked fast and everything. I remember her asking, "And who is this man beside you?" "My husband," I replied. "Is he the father of your child," she asked. "Yes," I said. After she completed her questionnaire then reviewed the next steps with me, I started to get nervous. As she was leaving the room, I turned to Brian and said, "She needs to calm the F*CK down. I was fine till her."

She must have heard me, because her demeanor was quite different when she returned. Then came my doctor, then the anesthesiologist. Finally, I was taken to the operating room. I was still calm, maybe a little anxious; but still even keel. It was when they were prepping me for the epidural, that I started to visibly shake.

I remember sitting on the side of the operating table, hunched over; when the energetic nurse said, "Honey you need to remain still." The anesthesiologist is on the other side of the table behind me. The energetic nurse finally stands in front of me, and says, "Honey put your arms around my neck, hold still. You are shaking. I will hold you, you're in good hands." I'm afraid of needles so much, that I was visibily shaking.

Then Brian walked in, prepped for surgery, covered in blue surgical garb from head to toe. Next came, Dr. Seeker and his team. As he's getting ready to deliver and talking to us, of what's going to happen, I remember laying there and I started to cry, and Brian's standing to the left of me, and I'm squeezing his hand with my left hand. He looks down at me, with that look of reassurance, love, maybe a little anxiousness; and wipes my tears.

The doctor states, "It's 10:17 a.m," and begins. At 10:22 a.m. I hear this cry and "it's a boy!" This cry I've never heard of before, and the tears come rolling down. Dr. Seeker, shows him to me, chest-side down, and his face above mine. I never knew you could love someone so much until that moment.

Baker was cleaned, wrapped and taken to me. I remember holding him for the first time, and I didn't want to let go. It all happened so fast. Next, I was taken to the recovery room, where I was told Brian and Baker would meet me in a short period. While I was waiting, I called everybody I could call to share the great news.

I noticed that I was in there for awhile. I also noticed that another mama, who was wheeled in after me; her baby followed her shortly afterwards. I started to worry, feeling alone and scared. Some time had passed, when Brian finally showed up; but with another man next to him. Someone I didn't recognize. It was the neonatologist on duty from the NICU. Quite honestly, I don't remember what he said about Baker. With the tears, coming down my face, all I knew is that I wanted that baby with me, to hold him and love on him.

Baker was born with respiratory duress, and was placed in the NICU. He was experiencing spells of where he would stop breathing. I went to see him, as soon as I was allowed too. I stayed in the NICU as long as I could. Within the first 24 hours I was walking back and forth to the NICU. I swear my patient room, was the farthest room from the NICU.

After 12 days of staying in the NICU, Baker was finally released to go home. Today, Baker is one little happy boy. Next up...Baker's first day home. This story is quite hilarious.

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