Five years ago today, December 24, 2009, my husband (then everything but husband), asked me to marry him and sounded very much like "the Whataburger guy." Let me explain 'everything but husband,' by this point in our lives we had been together since April 2003; lived together since May 2004; bought and built a house together in November 2006 (moved in June 2007); and became parents to two kids with fur coats by December 2007.

Now, where was I, we decided to exchange presents the morning of Christmas Eve, we were driving to Houston that day to spend time with my family and then flying out the next evening to Kansas to spend time with Brian's sister and her family, while the rest drove up from Arkansas.

There we were, dressed in our pj's and sitting in our living room. I don't remember everything I got for Brian that year, I know I got him the Keurig before it became so popular and the usual suspects: socks and underwear. My Mom always said, "Guys, always need socks and underwear. You can't go wrong."

Brian suggested that I go first with his presents to him. After opening four to five presents from me, it was his turn. He handed me a big box, twice the size of a shoe box, maybe three times the size, and said something like 'this is all I got you.' The box seemed so light, I remember shaking it and couldn't hear a thing. I'll be the first one to admit, I was a little disappointed and thought to myself, 'this is it.'

Suddenly, I said to him, "Oh my goodness, did you get me giftcards to all my favorite stores?!" He sat there and smiled with that 'you'll see' kind of look. There again I thought to myself, 'what a genius, that's such a smart idea, giftcards to one's favorite stores.' At this point, I was convinced and all I could think about was the name of the stores.

I unwrapped the box, removed the tissue paper and was faced with another wrapped box. He sat there and smiled, 'keep going.' Well, duh! More like no s**t, sherlock. I unwrapped the second box, removed the tissue paper and was faced with another wrapped box. He continued to sit there and smile. This time he didn't say anything. I unwrapped the third box, a fancy schmancy chipboard gift box 3x3x2 or 4x4x3. I removed the lid and there was another box, a jewelry box held by a hinge on one side.

This time I thought to myself, 'It's not what you think it is, he did this to me a couple of years ago with that black box only to find a pair of diamond stud earrings. Besides this box is not black, its dark burgundy-brown and is quite big for a ring box.' Spoiled Rotten! When you've been waiting as long as I have (nearly seven years), you start to lose hope.

I slowly opened the jewelry box and there it was, nestled in the center, waiting for me. I was speechless, it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I looked at him, still smiling, I looked back at the ring, my tear ducts beginning to do its thing, I looked back at him again and Brian asked, "Well, what do you think?" He sounded exactly like the 'Whataburger guy,' which is not his normal sound.

"Yes!" "Yes, I'll marry you! (pause) That's what you're asking, right," I replied a bit unsure. Just checking. He nodded and said, "Yes." I cried, I don't know if he cried; we laughed and hugged. And the rest has been one exciting moment after another!

One other thing, I remember the first person I called was my Mom to share the good news with her, and the first thing she said was, "Lord, thank you! Lord, thank you for answering my prayers."

I love you Brian! I've always been in love with you...

p.s. If you're from Texas or nine other southern states, then you've been to a Whataburger. The 'Whataburger guy' portrayed by an actor from California was retired by the company in the Fall of 2011 and replaced with documentary style TV ads. Click here for more information.

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