SORRY, NOT SORRY! (What I've been up to the last two weeks.)

Last week, I had lunch with one of my bestfriends and I learned the hashtag #sorrynotsorry. She used it in a very humorous way, but I can see where this phrase can have a very sarcastic or bitchy tone. I struggled with the title of this post, because I didn't know what to title it other than 'Sorry, Not Sorry.'

I'm sorry I've been quiet for the last two weeks; but I'm sort of not and here's why. Wait, I have a little bit of blogger guilt too, especially when my husband asked me tonight, "Have you done a post lately?" And I said to him, "No, but I'm going to do one tonight..." He didn't say anthing else, but he didn't have too either. I knew by his body language that he's 99% right, I have to be consistent.

Two weeks ago we drove up to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. After an 11 hour drive, we dove right into family time. I had every intention of doing a couple of posts, I even worked on them while I was there. But when it came down to it, I was with family and I was eating, laughing, cooking, baking, shopping, sharing, keeping up with Baker. Simply loving and enjoying every moment of my time up there with Brian's family.

We even took Fall/Winter family pictures with a professional photographer, who's practically family. I had a little crazy moment too. I planned our outfits a week before the pictures, but the day of the photo shoot, I panicked and didn't like my outfit or Baker's, so we went to Belk's and found a cute vest for Baker and a pretty sweater/coat for me. Then, when I laid our new outfits on the bed, I didn't like the look of it all and went back to the original outfit picks. Has this ever happen to you? At least I got something for Baker to wear when he sees Santa next weekend.

Then, we drove back to Austin the Monday after Thanksgiving, we were there nearly a week. Last week was nuts! I had a follow-up doctor's appointment about my blood pressure, and that's a whole another story. Had my teeth cleaned, had a couple of other appointments, started Christmas shopping, what else. Took out all of the Christmas decor (four large tubs, not including the faux tree), repurposed some of the decorations to change it up from last year. Worked on a gingerbread (it's chocolate peppermint) house. P.S. I can't wait to share my 1st ever Christmas decor post!

Oh and I unpacked, it's amazing how much you have to take with you when you have a kid. Sometimes I wonder if it's better to fly because I'm pretty sure you take less with you on the way up, and on the way back. I'm sure many of you can relate to this.

I had a cookie exchange party at the house this weekend. Planned the menu, shopped the menu, by the way I don't know how many trips to the store I made for this event. Without fail, there's always something I need at the last minute. Finally, made the menu. As always, I do way too much, and baked four different cookie recipes. You can count on me posting recipes very soon.

Helped my husband pack and get ready for his annual Vegas trip. As I mentioned earlier, had lunch with one of my bestfriends. A very lovely lunch indeed at Perla's, that I almost missed my dentist appointment. We could sit for hours! Then saw her again at night along with other peeps, since she's going away on a much needed vacation. What else?

Baker and I, got an impromptu dinner invite that I just couldn't pass up with another bestfriend and the rest of the fam. Of course this time of the year, you text with family members more so than usual playing the 'what do you want for christmas?' That took up my time, but it was well worth it! Well worth it! These all maybe excuses, but are they really? No, because I did the things I love like spending and catching up with family and friends; decorating the house for Christmas; cooking and baking for family and friends; shopping; making memories; giving people my time.

I need to get better at prioritizing my time and getting back to you guys so I can record these lovely memories and share it with you all. Hence the first picture with my laptop, planner and chai latte as I did my best to plan the rest of the year and then some. Hope you still LOVE me (the second picture)!


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