With Halloween over, it's time to move on to the next round of holidays. But before I do that, I wanted to reflect upon this year's Halloween. A lot of big things happened this year, or at least they're a big deal to me.

Decorated Together. Last year, I bought Halloween lanterns from Randall's and tied them to the door, and that was it. Years before that, we lived in a condo/garden home community and we didn't do anything. We never got any trick or treaters. This year, we still kept the decorations low key, but we did it together.

I prepared the laterns while Baker gathered them by the door way. This was after he kicked them around thinking they were soccer balls. A few have holes in them now and some are bent. Frankly, they were boring and now they have character, thanks to Baker boy!

Then, Brian attached the lanterns to the ceiling porch at different lengths and I taped the 'Trick or Treat Zone' caution tape to the hand rail. While Baker moseyed on over to our neighbors who was washing their car. Nosy little booger! We chatted with our super nice neighbors for a little while. All-in-all, It was a lovely Sunday afternoon before Halloween.

Baked Heath Bar Brownies. In the spirit of Halloween candy, I decided to make Heath Bar Brownies. I was inspired by Emily Ley, who I follow on Instagram. When she was little every year, her mother would bake Halloween shaped sugar cookies for her and her brother. Now with a little one of her own, she has continued that tradition. Isn't that neat? I love family traditions! This year mark's the start of the Heath Bar Brownies at Halloween in the Hyde household. I can't wait for next year when Baker can help me bake them!

Attended the Annual Halloween Block Party. Last year, we didn't go to the party, we didn't really know anybody yet and so we stayed in. This year, not only did we go but we took some Heath Bar Brownies over. Growing up, if you were invited to a party or some social gathering you never went empty handed, you always brought something for the party or the host.

The hosts, ordered pizza and provided refreshments for a price of $10 per family. As we mingled and ate; the neighborhood kids came in costume, so cute and creative. Baker was the youngest mobile kid, which means we didn't really get to 'TALK' to people. Brian was on one side of the crowd and I was on the other side of the crowd, while Baker easily weaved through the people. We just kept our eye on the prize! It was nice meeting our neighbors.

Filled Treat Bags. You know when you go to the store and you see those Halloween themed treat bags, like 20 in a pack with a twist tie. Honestly, I always thought they were for baked goods. Why would you put candy in a treat bag that you're handing out? OMG, why not do it?! This time, I was inspired by For Chic Sake, someone else I follow on Instagram. This too marks the first of many years to come, filling treat bags with candy.

Those kids were so delighted to receive the bags this year. I know kids are always happy to get candy, but these seemed special. What I liked, is how easy it was for Baker to hold a bag and dump it in their basket. He had fun too giving out candy! I only had one kid that wanted to see what was in the see-through bag first. I tilted my head, looked at him and said, "Excuse me?!" He immediately replied, "I'm sorry, I'll just take it." Yeah you better take it, kid!

Handmade Costume. Baker was Pharrell Williams at the Grammy's, you know, with the big Arby's looking hat. I asked my talented sister-in-law the night of the Grammy's (yes nearly 10 months ago) to make the hat. Thank you again, Aunt Summer! I bought the rest of his outfit, here and there. Last year, Baker was a shark for Halloween. We put it on Brodie this year, he was not having it. Baker was such a turkey Halloween night, he would not wear the hat. But the next day, he was all over it. Isn't that how it always turns out?! Whether a costume is handmade and/or store-bought, the act of dressing up your child for Halloween is worth it!

Just a few of my priceless memories!

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