It's hard to believe that Baker will be turning two in a few months. At nearly 21 months old, he has become attached to a few things, some gets his attention every time and others he can't get enough of. At the moment, this growing, caring, hardly eating boy loves: books, trains and Vanna White.

Books. Baker, my little book worm! Every night as part of his bedtime routine, I read three books to him. Whether we're at home or on vacation, the books come with us. There's always a couple of books in his baby bag too. If he wants a book read to him, he'll grab a book and take it the person closest to him. When he wakes up, one of the first things that come out of his mouth are, "book, book." We'll read a couple of books in the morning too. Right before bath time, he runs to his bear, plops down and grabs a book. I hope his love for books, never goes away!

Trains. Baker really loves trains. He received this set of Melissa & Doug wooden trains as a gift at the beginning of this summer. He almost always has one, some or all near him. If we would allow them in his crib, he would sleep next to them. In fact, he wanted the trains in the tub with him during bath time. Of course that did not happen. At one point, we were not allowed to move them. These were his trains! It looks like he'll be getting a train set for Christmas!

Vanna White. As part of our evening routine, after dinner we watch Wheel of Fortune. It's what we do. He gets so excited when it comes on, and he's starting to say, "Wheeel!" At the same time, he winds down when this show is on. Baker will seat with us on the couch or on the floor and watch as if he's trying to solve the puzzle. He probably is trying to solve the puzzle. Occasionally, when a contestant calls out a letter, he repeats it out loud. The best part, is at the very end of the show, when Vanna waves and says, "goodbye," Baker will wave and say "goodbye" back. Sometimes he'll even stand during it. Oh Vanna, his first love!

What is your child and/or children into at the moment?

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