Celebrate the Fall by going to a pumpkin patch, getting lost in a corn maze or taking a hayride! It's fun for everyone! Here are 7 helpful tips for visiting a pumpkin patch:

Plan ahead. Find a farm near you or the next town over. Find out the dates/times that its open for business. Some may only be open on the weekends, or have limited hours on Sunday. Last year, we went to one farm toward the end of their event and there were hardly any pumpkins left.

Go early. Get yourself or your family out the door and in the car, head on over before everyone else gets there. If there are multiple activities (hayride, corn maze, petting zoo, flower picking, bouncing area, face painting, pumpkin picking, ticket buying etc.) the lines can get very long. Depending on where you live in the country, it's cooler in the mornings then it gets pretty warm so another reason to go early.

Wear comfortable shoes. Wear something appropriate for the conditions. Perhaps wear old shoes, you wouldn't want to wear a pair nice shoes and step in goat poop nuggets. Don't wear open-toed shoes, it's just not safe for something like this. What if you drop a big pumpkin on your big toe?! It could happen.

Bring supplies. Don't forget sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizing wipes and water. If the sun is out, the little ones especially will need sunscreen. There may not always be a food stand present. We went to a huge farm and there was only one food stand, and it was all the way on the other end of the farm. It's always good to bring water or snacks with you. If there's a petting zoo, wipe your hands afterwards, just saying.

Take cash. To keep costs low, some farms will only accept cash and checks. Some farms have certain vendors for food or additional activities and may only accept cash. Even though they may have ATM machines on site, the fees can be outrageous. And you never know if the ATM machine is broken that day.

Bring a wagon. Bring your own wagon to haul the kids around the farm and/or carry your pumpkins. A stroller is not enough for both your child and the pumpkin(s). Trust me on this one! My darling husband carried the boy, and our stroller carried the pumpkins.

Have fun. This should be a fun and relaxing event for you, your friends and/or your whole family. Take lots of pictures. Stand behind "your face here" cutouts, we did! If someone takes your pumpkin, it's going to be okay, look for another one. Cherish these moments and celebrate the season!

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