Hey you guys! Here's just a quick look of what I was up to in the last week while vacationing in Arkansas...

I brought gifts, but didn't have time to wrap them all. I swung by CVS Pharmacy before we left and picked up these three inexpensive gift bags! Voila!

We drove to Memphis to see my Mom, and saw her new place and new office. Yay, Baker got to spend some time with Nana! I took a picture of this, because I love this piece of art leaning against the wall at her place. She's had this for a while and most recently it was featured in the latest issue of the Country French magazine. My mother has always had such good taste!

Driving over the Mississippi River back to Paragould. Brian said, the sign used to say "Home of President Bill Clinton" not "Buckle Up For Safety." Apparently, the signs all over the state went bye-bye after a transfer of power in the oval office.

Brian and I, had date night at Omar's Uptown in historic downtown Jonesboro. We both had the wedge, and he had steak and I had fish. The food was delicious and the service was pleasant. Brian used to work with Omar at the 501 Club, back in the days!

This little turkey got upset every time the baby gate went up. He's all stylish for lunch with Grandma! Brian's niece and her talented homebuilder husband (we loveeee them), built this beautiful house with a walkout basement. Bonus! I adore this look here! Don't you?!

Then, we headed over to Mountain Home. We booked a place off of Homeaway. This was the view from the lake house overlooking Norfork Lake. A cold front came through right before we got there. For some reason, coffee sounded good one morning and the last time I had such was in January. That night I had it again, but with Bailey's Irish Cream (Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur). You should give it a whirl!

One of two batches of Rice Crispy Treats! Brings back childhood memories...

Oh these two, I love them so much! Baker is getting so big. We took a short walk down the dirt road around from the house. I bet Arkansas is beautiful in the Fall! Babe, can we go on a 'Fall Foliage Road Trip?' *crickets chirping*

Every morning we ate at Skipper's, good down home cooking kind of place. Baker had their 'Mickey Mouse' cake, I had their corned beefed hash and Brian was all over the board.

Finally, we had to say goodbye. We left after Baker's bed time, on the way up there and decided to do the same thing on the way back. About 11 hours later, Baker got the most sleep, I had a little and Brian had none.

I know I didn't post anything on the blog during my trip. Brian was very concerned about this, which I thought was real sweet. However, we had little to no service most of the time. Besides I was with family. Heck, I got an email from Sprint this morning saying that I was about to exceed my roaming limits. That being said, I'm sorry and I'm not sorry...

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