I'm not even sure where to start with this post. So here goes, about a month ago I went to my general practitioner (GP) to refill my Adderall prescription. I was clinically diagnosed with ADHD nine years ago. I don't know about you, but I'm always nervous to go to the doctor's office. When they took my blood pressure (BP) reading, it was 180/115. I was asked to stay, after they gave me BP medicine to monitor me.

Rewind. My BP (118/79) was always in good standing until the end of my pregnancy. After I had Baker, I was in the hospital for five days to monitor my BP. Through the course of a year, my BP went down but not enough to warrant good health, at that point my somewhat high numbers was attributed to my weight. I was obese. In December 2013, during my annual check-up, my GP said I needed to get a reign on my weight. A month later, I took action and started barre classes and changed my eating habits.

As some of you know, since January 2014 I've lost nearly 30 pounds. When people ask me, "what did you do?" I would tell them, I'm not eating as much and I started exercising. Here's what else I did: significantly cut down on grains (bread, rice, pasta, etc.), processed foods and sweets. I started planning ahead, if I knew I was going to eat out at night, then I made healthier choices for breakfast and lunch. If I had a piece of toast at lunch, then dinner would consist of proteins and vegetables only.

Going back to a month ago, knowing that I had lost weight, exercised, etc. I thought my BP would improve. It did not! My doctor was convinced I was on some weight loss drug, street vitamins, something other than what I did on my own. She requested full blood work on me. When the results came back, it was the best she's ever seen. A huge improvement to my December 2013 results! But my High BP, remained a mystery. There was no way it was due to my adderall, I never had this issue before.

My GP determined to help me, gave me BP medicine and instructions to take daily readings (morning and night) of my BP; she filled my adderall prescription but highly advised me to stay off of it, while taking my BP medication. Here's the thing, I'm only 33 and I'm taking BP medication. This can't be happening right now!

About 2 1/2 years ago, my husband and I started a diet, under the watchful eye of a physician, where for three months we basically ate from the paleo diet (but didn't call it that). During this time, there was no need to take my adderall, I felt alert and energized; clarity came easy. Also, my eczema cleared up.

I developed eczema while in college, 13 years ago. At times, the eczema on my palms would get so bad I would have to wear gloves at night. How creepy! I've tried all types of topical creams over-the-counter and prescriptions. Which would cure it temporarily, and eventually return. However, through clean eating my skin irritations went away. Poof, gone!

After eating a paleo-like diet for four months, I got pregnant. I eventually went back to my old eating habits until the beginning of this year. Three weeks ago, I told Brian, I'm going to start paleo on August 1st. He said, "why, you're doing so good with the way you're eating now, why change it." I asked him to recall the time we were eating paleo-like under doctor so-and-so, and I didn't have to take my adderall then.

Then I said, "I need to do something about my blood pressure, and since I can't take my adderall anymore, I think the paleo diet will help me tremendously. Besides I really shouldn't be taking adderall, it's a methamphetamine; who knows what it's doing to my insides. Also, I'm tired of my eczema, of being in pain all the time." He said, "I'll do it with you." I love this man!

There you have it! So folks, I've been cooking! Cooking with new ingredients and less of the not so good stuff. I've been planning meals and grocery shopping almost every other day. I've got some recipe reviews to share with y'all too! Just exciting things going on right now. I guess you could say since January I've been in transition to a paleo way of eating. I miss dairy! I love cheese and on paleo, you must avoid dairy. To learn more about the paleo diet, click here. Above are some of the pictures I've taken on the path to paleo. Wish me luck as I embark on this ride!

To be continued...

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