Me and my barre classes at Dancer's Shape in Austin. These classes have truly changed my life. It saved me! Shape, their signature barre class is a combination of ballet moves, yoga and pilates. I've been going now for six months at least three times a week. And I absolutely love it!

I was so out of shape when I started, so I took the beginner class, Graceful. You don't have to know how to dance to take these classes. You just go, follow the instructions and have fun! I'm so uncoordinated; y'all know I had to take dance lessons for my wedding nearly four years ago.

These classes are set to upbeat music, "it gets the people going." You start with a warm-up using light weights; next, a series of exercises targeting different areas of your body using these tools: ballet barre, yoga mat, ab mat, stretch strap and ball. And, then you stretch.

I must say, I prefer being in front of the mirror. It helps me stay in check, you know, to see if I'm doing the moves correctly. At first, I was a little intimidated by it. But a fellow classmate said to me, "Don't worry nobody is looking at you, they're all looking at themselves." That made me feel better and it's so true!

Most recently, I tried something new their Beginner/Intermediate chair class. It kicked my ass, but in a good way! Hell, I'm changing it up a bit to give me variety, and to continue to shape my bottom, right?! This piece of equipment does so much, don't be afraid of it. I also used this giant rubberband for a resistant band workout. Another excellent class!

Barre has improved my posture (even my Mom noticed), my self-confidence, my listening skills, my eating habits, and my lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle indeed! Brian, my husband, loves what its done for me.

All the instructors are professional, pleasant and pretty, like a ballerina. Each has their own style and genuinely care about your training. I've seen all ages, all shapes and sizes, men and women; which is just one of the many things I adore about coming to Dancer's Shape. Remember, no dance experience required.

Finally, you really want to know what keeps me coming back? I love the way it makes me feel after completing a class. I feel at ease, productive and happier! Since January of this year I've lost nearly 30 pounds. Thank you Dancer's Shape, thank you from the bottom my heart.

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