Brian and I did. We came here many moons ago for our first date. Fancy huh?! Truluck's, seafood restaurant in downtown Austin went through a recent face-lift and added a second story with floor-to-ceiling windows to accompany it's new look.

If you are looking for that mouth-watering melt in your mouth crab & lobster, then eat here. Their wedge salad always has the right amount of bacon and blue cheese crumbles/dressing. That's very important if you are a wedge salad connosseuir. Finally, their carrot cake is to die for. However, the picture shown here is slightly off, I asked to hold off from drizzling the warm caramel sauce. Shoot me in the head!

There have been times, that Brian and I would go to Truluck's in north Austin just for their carrot cake. Oh and some wine too! They have a great wine selection. As always we had a wonderful dinner, but this time in the upstairs dining room. The service was elegant and beautiful, especially when you start off with a bottle of Cherry Pie Pinot Noir. (This was one of those bottles that had an alarm on it at the grocery story.)

You want to know where the real party is at, at this joint? Downstairs in the newly renovated bar area, it's like you're at a really fun party. It's cozy and the u-shaped lit bar lures you in. I must say, there are some low-ceiling areas especially underneath the staircase where seating is available, and I can see some people getting naughty up in there. Hello, "underneath the staircase!"

I'm not gonna lie to you, there's some great people watching happening in this place. It's like bird watching, just with people. If you don't have to rush home, you need to snag a space at the bar after dinner. Next time, I'll request the bar area for our dining pleasure.

Finally, I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the outside. It wasn't until we were eating dinner that Brian said, "You ought to take pictures of our meal, now that you're a food & lifestyle blogger, and blog about this." If you know my husband, you all can picture how he said, "food & lifestyle blogger." Go to Truluck's, and get lucky!

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