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The S'more, an American classic. Loved by everyone. Seriously, I have yet to meet someone that doesn't like this treat! Typically done by roasting a marshmallow on a stick over an open flame, then sandwiching it between two graham crackers and a layer of milk chocolate. Nom nom nom!

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Here's a little Hyde twist on this treat. Have you had a Rolo? It's made up of soft caramel rolled in milk chocolate. Sounds delicious, right? It is. For this treat, you're going to replace the plain milk chocolate square with two pieces of rolos (halved). WHAT? Get out of here!

The other thing you're going to do, is make individual packets of s'mores to throw on the grill! It's just that easy. The first time I had a rolo s'more, was at our annual family vacation in Branson, MO.

One evening, we had Hawaiian rib-eye steaks and baked potatoes, then for dessert we had classic s'mores and rolo s'mores - all cooked on a grill. It was a gooey hot mess. We had bits of chocolate, caramel and/or marshmallow on our hands or around our mouth, so worth it. None of us cared, because we were together. This simple treat brings people together, whether its around the campfire or around the table.


Adapted from Shannan Prince

Serves 4

4 graham crackers, halved (8 squares)

4 large marshmallows

8 rolos, halved

Aluminum foil, torn into 8x12 inch pieces

After the steaks come off, turn off the heat. Immediately, throw on the s'mores! You want to make sure the grill is still hot, this is key! If I were you, I would make the s'more packets ahead of time. Follow the instructions below to assemble the packets.

Break graham cracker in half and center on foil. Place four rolo halves, then add marshmallow and cover with remaining graham cracker half. Bring up foil sides. Triple fold top and seal the ends. You want a fairly tight wrap on the top. Repeat.

Place s'more packets on the grill and let it do its magic for at least 15 minutes.


Heat grill to medium heat. Place s'more packets on the grill, and heat 3 to 4 minutes, or until marshmallow is melted.

Unwrap and devour!

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