I knew I wanted to do this for my child, long before I was pregnant. In my previous life, I traveled quite a bit for work. Usually, I would have a book, magazine or even work to keep me occupied but if none of those items existed, I could always count on SkyMall. The shopping catalog found in the seat pocket in front you placed behind the barf bag. I've never purchased anything from it, I've always wanted to buy something just never had the courage too. You know you want too also.

SkyMall was selling a large picture frame with a hinge marketed to display your child's artwork. It was quite expensive from what I can remember. Shortly after I had Baker, I knew I had to get these frames, then I remembered that Hobby Lobby carried display cases in various sizes in the frames or framing section. Yay, sometimes its hard for me to buy things from a catalog or online. So I was thrilled to know that I could count on Hobby Lobby.


3 8x10 display case with hinge

3 11x14 display case with hinge

Wall space in your home, office whereever you choose



I chose to hang these frames in the breakfast area of our home. I bought three each (8x10 and 11x15). You can decide to go more or less, any number of combinations.

Now whenever Baker has something new to hang, I simply take one piece of art down and replace it with the latest masterpiece. I love seeing his pieces of art, I get so excited. I know that some day when he gets older, he too will get excited when I display his latest art work.

As for all of his existing art work, they are stored in a box and beginning to pile. I know that there are apps that allows you to take a picture of your child(s) masterpiece where you can store and share it. I'm not ready for that, and when I am I'll post something about it. Deal? Deal!

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