"I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate." 

-Julia Child



Hi, I'm Tiffany and it's so nice to meet you! 

Yankee Born, Southern Raised. The truth is, I am not a professionally trained chef. I have a couple of degrees and a professional certification unrelated to cooking. In November 2013, I left my career to spend more time with my family. Will I return, who knows? 


One thing I do know, is that I love to cook. I take joy in cooking for my family, my relatives, my friends and for whoever wants to eat. I read cookbooks like novels. I've never been afraid of whipping up something from whatever was in the fridge or pantry. I'm in love with food - eat it, watch it (cooking shows), shop for it and share it. It brings people together. My husband and I, enjoy having people over. I always way over cook, and no one leaves hungry.


Growing up, the kitchen was the heart of our home, it was one that was filled with great food, laughter and love. My mother is an awesome cook. Ask my sister! I remember helping my mom in the kitchen by smashing peanuts in a mortar & pestle, to removing the tough stringy part off of snow peas. 


Everyone loved coming over to our house for my mom's cooking and still does. My dad, know's his way around the kitchen as well. My aunt (Filipino Martha Stewart), my mother's oldest sister; taught me how to eat and from a young age exposed me to some of the finest restaurants in NYC. The joy of cooking and the love of eating came from my family. 


How did the Residential Chef come about? In June 2013, I received Chef Curtis Stone's "What's for dinner?" as a birthday gift. This book inspired me to put more effort into my family's meals. Suddenly, I was on a mission to get out of a pattern of cooking the same things and grabbing fast-convenient meals. Many of you can surely relate. With a little planning and trying new recipes, I was making delicious new meals.


A few weeks later, it came to me one early morning. I've got this restaurant-like kitchen with the best appliances, cookware and gadgets. We all want to cook like professionals, right? I couldn't wait to tell my husband, I told him, "I'm the Residential Chef." He said, "Of course you are, people from your generation have to label everything." So true. He also liked it a lot. My biggest fan!






Site and logo design created September 2013. Launched June 2014. That being said, with this site I will share recipes that I've cooked, using simple and fresh ingredients, as much as possible. Inspiration for my recipes will come from all kinds of things. This site will also be a place for me to share "extra" moments in my life; ranging from my family, home decor, travel; you know, things I love. 


With this blog, I hope we can make a connection and possibly inspire you through my food, my home and my life. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog. Live abundantly!